Montrose Mercantile Works a Little Strip Center Redo Magic

Montrose Mercantile, 3321 Stanford St., Audubon Place, Montrose, Houston

Montrose Mercantile, 3321 Stanford St., Audubon Place, Montrose, HoustonThe sign has been changed and the green hues have been removed from the mansard-roofed exterior of the former First Stop Food Store at the corner of Stanford and Hawthorne in Audubon Place. That’s where the Montrose Mercantile is set to hold its grand opening this weekend — though the combo espresso bar and mini-mart at 3321 Stanford St. created by the owner of Washington Ave’s Catalina Coffee has already been open for a couple of weeks. The original Mercantile opened in the Rice Village last fall.

Photos: Montrose Mercantile

Drive Up, Sit Down

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  • Having walked here a few times from my house, its a welcome addition. I’m sure it’ll do great. And it has a chance to build up a nice clientele before Siphon opens up (which I think will target commuters more since it’s ON W. Alabama vs. Mercantile which is on a quite side street)

  • We are very excited about the new location of Mercantile. However, Catalina Coffee is NOT the creator behind this venture. Max Gonzalez (owner of Amaya Roasting Co. and Catalina Coffee) does consultation work for the coffee programs for both Mercantile locations. Amaya Roasting Co. is proud to be the main roaster in a strong lineup for this multi-roaster coffee concept.

    We have asked Swamplot to make the appropriate changes to the article to reflect that we are NOT the creators behind this project. Since they have not, we can only assume they have no editorial integrity.

  • Mercantile in the village has great coffee. When I go to LA I like to go to the Catalina Coffee in Redondo. It would be great if the LA operation opened here.

  • I don’t see this place making it to their 1 year anniversary, unless the rent is really cheap. Too much competition already in such a small area. Wish them the best though. I will stop by for a coffee from time to time. Good luck.

  • Oh the things that went on at the former First Stop Food Store and the laundry next door. It was a “market” alright.

  • The coffee at the village location is alright, but if they want to stay in business they need to move a little quicker. We waited 10+ minutes (no hyperbole, watched my watch) for a latte, with only two people in front of us. A few folks that came in after left due to the growing line and the slow poke baristo.