Montrose’s New Instagram Portrait Studio Is a Bunch of Rooms Filled with Flowery Backdrops

Go ahead, name a few of Houston’s most heavily-Instagrammed hotspots. The Waterwall, North and South boulevards, maybe the “We Love Houston” sign that — until recently — sat along I-10. But who ever wanted to go pose next to the Katy Fwy. just to pick up a few new followers? If only there was a location where the photogenic offerings sat under a roof — preferably in one of those hip Houston retail-and-restaurant strips where the food might merit a few pics as well.

Enter Flower Vault, the budding brick-and-mortar Instagram destination shown at top that’s taken over half of Joybird Furniture‘s storefront at 1735 Westheimer, 2 blocks west of Dunlavy. For $20 per person (and $10 per pet), you can spend an hour taking pictures inside the studio’s blossoming interior spaces. The admissions fee won’t preclude other patrons from visiting at the same time, so you may have to take turns in front of the backdrops. But check out the results so far; it appears everyone’s been happy to share.


Next door — in the half of the building that’s currently vacant — another cutting-edge business recently opened as well: Cipher Escape Rooms.

Photos: Swamplox inbox (storefront); Flower Vault (Instagram page)

Not Your Father’s Florist

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  • Beyond stupid…….

  • And a bunch of straight people. Clearly.

    Welcome to the new Montrose.

  • This may be the dumbest store I have ever heard of. $20!? Betting hard on teens wanting to spend money for a good picture? Ok, it doesn’t sound that dumb……….

  • This has got to be either a temporary holding spot while they decide what they really want there, or a front for something shady. I give it six months tops.

  • $20 could get you into the best botanical gardens in the country
    I’m sure they’ll do fabulous though. The only way to make money these days is catering to folks with more money than time.

  • I agree with the commenters and really don’t understand this.
    I could see if a professional photog was taking the pics. Because those on the website aren’t very good.
    How about learning Photoshop? That’s more fun.

  • I found another story that said it’s a popup shop and it’s only going to be there until January.