More Than a Dozen S. Post Oak Trees Whacked Outside The Wynden, Backwoods Neighbors

Post-oak removal, the sidewalk outside The Wynden wedding venue and adjacent properties south of it on S. Post Oak Ln. are looking stumpier than they have in previous memory. About 15 trees total went down within the span of just an hour last Friday, reports a Swamplot reader. They’re now laying low between Tilbury Dr. and S. Wynden Ln., along a roadside stretch home to buried utility cables and some recently-planted flag markers — indications that work may be planned for the underground infrastructure.

Some trees, like the ones pictured below, managed to stay standing — but not by much:


A few more shots looking down the street show the majority that weren’t as lucky:

They form a trail that heads past the site where a sign from Transwestern announces the firm’s intention to doctor what’s there now . . .

a vacant lot:

Just north of the Belfiore condo complex is where the stumpage stops.

Photos: Swamplox inbox


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