Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Price Ceiling

How easy is it to win the Neighborhood Guessing Game? If this week’s round is any indicator: It’s a breeze. Of course, it helps if nobody else comes close.

There were 2 guesses each this week for Willowbend, Jersey Village, and Walnut Bend. Other guesses traveled as far as Wharton, Porter, and Splendora. The rest: Briargrove, “a nicer part of Spring Branch,” Clear Lake, Missouri City, Briar Forest, Tealwood, Yorkshire, Katy, “west or southwest, close to a Home Depot and elementary school,” Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Friendswood, southwest Houston, Meadows Place, Hearthstone, Alief, Mission Bend, and Westchase.

Nobody named the correct neighborhood! But not all of the guesses were wrong. Which one was right?

How about this snarky entry:

Single story, black aluminum frame windows, vaulted ceilings, and a plethora of ceiling fans indicate this is a pre-oil bust tract home. The house has had some custom woodwork installed by a weekend warrior owner, but they never got around to staining or painting it. I’m guessing west or southwest, close to a Home Depot and elementary school.

So let’s plot those coordinates: 1.4 miles to the Westheimer Home Depot. 1.1 miles to Piney Point Elementary. Close enough! Howard Hughes, you just won a one-year individual membership in the Rice Design Alliance. Congratulations!

An honorable mention goes to Pat, for getting the time frame right:

Well, 60s, not 50s. Bathrooms are more spacious. So there’s that. Then someone did some very interesting handi-crafting there in the 80s, during that “let’s do everything pink and blue” period “and while we’re at it, let’s bump out windows and then turn a boat or two upside down and make them the ceiling.”

You want some details on this place?


Location: 7918 Fairdale Ln., Briarmeadow
Details: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths; 2,710 sq. ft. on a 9,672-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $469,000
The Scoop: 1960 single-story just north of Richmond near Hillcroft in Briarmeadow, expanded and re-surfaced for the eighties and beyond! Marble entry, parquet floor in Living Room, new Kitchen granite, custom-built pine ceilings in Living and Dining. Showers recently redone. Master Suite has separate water heater. On the market just 5 days.

Special thanks to the reader who suggested we feature this home. Who’s gonna win that RDA membership next week? Come back next Tuesday to play!

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  • Heh. That picture of the front of the house looks like a bigger version of my house in Pearland. ‘Course my house in Pearland ain’t worth no half million, neither. Hmmm.

    Which way to Home Depot? Anybody got a rowboat they’re tryin’ to get rid of?

  • I was hoping, once we had some shots of the exterior, that there’d be some explanation for that tiny, window in the bathroom, but I don’t see any justification for that little oddity. But much better curb appeal than I would have thought.

  • Although my description was lacking and the house isn’t really in Westchase….I’ll at least take some pride in my Richmond/Gessner guess. :)