Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Tanglewood and Blue

We’ve had a pretty good run of 35 Neighborhood Guessing Games. So a train wreck like this week’s contest was probably overdue.

At least 6 participants in this round already knew the property posted on Tuesday. Sadly, only one bothered to spice up the game by writing in with the answer, then attempting to deceive the other players with wacky but mildly credible guesses. Most everyone stuck by the rules, but those rules will probably need to see some adjustments (beginning next year) to prevent the NGG from turning into a contest where players compete to guess at things they already know.

Here’s where those of you who were actually guessing thought this colorful pad might be: Meyerland, Tanglewood, the edge of River Oaks, Southampton, Mandell Place, Montrose, the Medical Center, the near Northside near Patton and Main, on Blossom near Shepherd, the Memorial Villages, “somewhere near the Galleria,” Rivercrest, Southgate, Rice Military, Camp Logan, Memorial near Westcott, “that modernish enclave of new houses north of Richmond and west of Kirby,” “just west or southwest of Highland Village shopping center,” or off Woodway near Buffalo Bayou.

The winner this week was John, who managed to stretch out his quick guess into this complete sentence:

My guess is, of all places, Tanglewood.

A few of the many (later) Tanglewood entries:

I think it is that hideous house that is painted school bus yellow just off the boulevard that was built maybe 10 years ago.

this has to be that horrible house in tanglewood near chimney rock.

This has to be that bright yellow, Legorreta wannabe house just east of Chimney Rock.

It reminds me of the hotel Pierce Bronsan stayed at in Matador. All that purple, pink and yellow sure is festive.

Special honors go to this week’s double-agent, Richard, who unleashed some mad FUD-inducing skillz:

The owners of this paean to contemporary high-class-Mexican architecture are probably maxing out their platinum American Express cards at the Louis Vuitton shop at the Galleria. The scale and colors remind me of the Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City, but if they want to sell this house in Rivercrest, they’re going to have to make a trip to Home Depot for some taupe and tan colored paint. This second-home for Mexican immigrants of the non-gardening-or-custodial variety is in Rivercrest, probably even north of Briar Forest on Crestbend. . . .

In fact, after reviewing a previous Swamplot headline, may I venture to guess it’s on the corner of Crestbend and Enchilada??

So what’s the scoop?


Location: 5668 Lynbrook Dr., Tanglewood
Details: 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths; 5,133 sq. ft. on a 17,100-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $1,950,000
The Scoop: Large fin de siècle multihued Mexican-Modernish compound designed by Sandra Castellanos of homebuilder Rohe and Wright, one house in from Chimney Rock in Tanglewood. Exterior stucco is bright yellow. “Inspired by the sophisticated design of award-winning architects Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legorreta.” Floors are tile downstairs, carpet up. Reflection pool off deep covered porch has hand-painted tiles. Automatic driveway gate. Detached garage has guest quarters upstairs. Listed since late July.

And now you know. Wanna play again next week?

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  • I’ve hated this house from the moment it invaded my eyeballs. I don’t live near-by or have a vested interest in that neighborhood but it galls me none the less. It is an overtly obnoxious attempt to disrupt a peacefully homogenous community with it’s tacky nature. I root for that community to keep it’s character as Houston transforms around it. Hang in there – maybe the new buyer will view it as a tear down!

  • It should be named the Ikea House – remember those Ikea commercials? “For people with more money than taste.” I’m surprised the neighbors in Tanglewood didn’t toss some Molotov cocktails the way some neighbors in Beverly Hills did many years ago. One of whom waited awhile to call the Beverly Hills Fire Department to report a possible fire. That house belonged to a Saudi prince. I shudder to think who this house belongs to. But the architects really should be embarrassed to admit being the architects. I suspect the interior designer moved and changed their name.

  • OK, so it’s not my taste, but are the Swamplot readers being a wee bit ethnocentric? It doesn’t look like it was poorly built – it’s just very colorful and probably more appropriate in other parts of the world than in staid Tanglewood. What every happened to embracing stylistic differences?

  • I hated the house too until I actually went inside. It’s really an exceptional work of architecture, perfect for raising a large family due to the huge amount of open space. It was inspired by Luis Barragán, the Mexican modernist architect.

  • “are the Swamplot readers being a wee bit ethnocentric”


  • “are the Swamplot readers being a wee bit ethnocentric”

    Maybe, but you like what you like.

  • I’m with Ben. I actually think it’s beautiful and very appropriate for our tropical climate and proximity to Latin America.

  • So I guess it is acceptable that the spacious low slung homes of Tanglewood were first bulldozed for the Georgian craze of the early 90s followed by the hybrid French style of the mid 90s to the when will it ever end Tuscan/Meditterrean craze? God forbid anyone could build anything that does not fit in. If that is your mentality, then by all means snap up that Perry Home that has your name stamped on it in Northwest Houston. So homogenous–no surprises there.
    This house is not my taste but it is well done. I suppose if it had been painted pale yellow and had a bunch of fieldstone
    smeared on it for panache, it would have been fine.

    Maybe next week, we can decide which subdivision contains KB tract home model 12345-A. “The Stepford”. Ooh I cannot wait!

  • This house is beautifully made period.
    “Corner of crestbend and enchilada”? wow.
    dont get out much do you?

  • This place displays a good deal of thought about how to live in and enjoy living with our climate. That its neighbors don’t is to their detriment, if you think about it…

  • If it were in Beverly Hills, it would last as long as it takes to toss a couple of Molotov cocktails. It’s tacky. Period.

  • actually I’m suprised how much everyone hates this. It really is a wonderful house – not for everyone’s taste, of course – but that’s what makes life interesting. the back yard is fine — it’s like being in Mexico. oh well. – even for those who hate it – imagine it being totally repainted – it would still be wonderful and more acceptable to everyone.

  • A nice off-white on the outside would possibly make it a little less tacky. As for “it’s like being in Mexico” I haven’t been to Acapulco or Mexico City in awhile but I suspect if this house were in Las Brisas or Las Lomas, well, the Molotov cocktails would have been tossed before the painters even finished.

  • Give it a rest with the Molotov cocktail bit Matt. We get it that you hate the house. Post a pic of your place and let’s see what the general population has to say.

  • “We get it that you hate the house. Post a pic of your place and let’s see what the general population has to say.”

    Suffice it to say no one would be tempted to toss a Molotov cocktail. And that I don’t need to shop at Ikea.

  • I liked this house from the moment I saw it, feels like twenty years ago.
    It takes taste and balls to be individual this.
    It is georgeous. I’d like to have the money to ooomph it up like..