Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Full Pave

Who’s the winner of that steak dinner at the new Fleming’s in Town & Country Village?

This week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game sparked quite a few guesses. We had “on the south side of Memorial Drive, west of Westcott… whatever that subdivision is named,” Memorial Park, West University (2 guesses), Southside Place, Crestwood, Glencove, Afton Oaks between Banbury Place and Vossdale, the northern half of Afton Oaks, “the denser part of River Oaks around Shepherd and San Felipe,” Southampton (3), Memorial, Camp Logan (2), River Oaks, River Oaks just north of Westheimer near River Oaks Park, “the 77019 zip around Dunlavy, Waugh and West Gray area,” North Braeswood, “this weird little dense pocket west of north of the Museum of Fine Arts, south of 59 and west of Montrose,” Warwick Square, West River Oaks near San Felipe, “the area just south of the River Oaks Shopping Center — something like Haddon or Welch or Vermont Street,” “on Tiel/Troon on the east edge of River Oaks,” “between 610, N. Post Oak, Memorial, & I-10,” Braes Heights, Ayrshire, Bellaire, “Memorial / Eldridge / Highway 6 area,” Bryker Woods, Meyerland, “West U/Rice Village area,” Hudson Oaks, “somewhere near the Houston Country Club, say around the San Felipe-Potomac-Bering area,” “Briargrove or an adjacent ‘hood, maybe around Nantucket or Potomac,” “Briargrove in between Briargrove and Potomac south of San Felipe and north of Westheimer,” Tanglewood, Tanglewilde, north of Rice, “that strange little pocket east of 610 & above Post Oak,” “Briar Hollow Lane-ish,” Southgate, Westhaven Estates, West Lane Place, around Sage near Buffalo Bayou, “River Oaks – south of Ella and north of Westheimer – perhaps near Rebecca Meyer Park,” “inside Beltway 8, west of downtown, north of Hwy. 90 and not in any of Houston’s original wards,” “north of Stude Park, east of Studemont,” Mid Lane, Hunters Creek Village, Tealwood, Sandalwood, The Woodlands, near Voss and Beinhorn.

The prize goes to the commenter who submitted this entry:

I agree with the river oaks guesses.
This house is huge, and everything in there says they have money to burn.
BUT, Big but though, it does appear to be on a small lot, so probably south of San Felipe and far away from ostentatious Kirby.
And its obvious they have several young kids, so I’m gonna say the area of River Oaks just north of westheimer, near River Oaks Park.

And later added:

The kitchen bay window appears to mirror the master bedroom bay window…which appear to be on either side of the living room window with the huge columns. So i no longer think this is a small lot… i think its a wide lot and this house uses up every available bit of it. And eventhough it looks from the exposed aggregate walk in the back that they might have swimming pool, the back yard doesnt appear very deep at all.

That’s close enough. Congratulations, Mike M! You just won dinner for 4 at Fleming’s Prime Steak House and Wine Bar in Town & Country Village! You’ll be receiving a gift certificate worth $200, sponsored by the restaurant.

Mike M just barely beat out mstark, who gets our (entirely steak-free) runner-up award for this guess:

Wow, the staging of this home is amazing! I especially love the screeching sculpture next to the toilet… I’d throw my hands up at that decor too. Vessel sinks seem like an early attempt at the trend. Lot’s of tacky art, huge slightly dated house, I’m going to WAG West River Oaks, near San Felipe.

What about all those other River Oaks guesses? They were close, but not quite close enough . . .


Location: 3710 Wickersham Ln., Royden Oaks
Details: 3-4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths; 4,303 sq. ft. on an 8,944-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $1,495,000
The Scoop: Hulking, symmetrical and vaguely postmodern stucco mansion from 1987, crowded onto a generously sized lot just southwest of River Oaks. Features drive-thru front lawn with separate attached single-car garages; brick-paved patio and ground floor. Two separate Master Baths. Living Room is 600 sq. ft. On the market for more than 4 months.

Got it now? How about another try at the game . . . next Tuesday!

5 Comment

  • “crowded onto a generously sized lot”

    “Features drive-thru front lawn”

    You gotta love realtors and their silly descriptions!

  • kjb, those are usually Gus’s own fanciful descriptions…and we love them!

  • This is one very strange house. Good one, Gus!

  • Very good choice Gus… as well as a very choice prize I might add. I figured it was on the fringe of R.O., but I was wrong on which side.

  • Great skill on picking the houses. Second time I had live within spitting distance of the house and got it quite wrong. Yet, the house epitomized the area in its own way. IMHO, this house is weird and has its own special audience.