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  • Customer to Architect: Let’s discuss the master shower.
    Architect: How would you like it?
    Customer: As for size, I want it no larger than a telephone booth.
    Architect: Um, OK. Where do you want the shower head and control knob?
    Customer: I want it to spray directly into the door opening. That way, I’ll get soaked when I turn it on to get the hot water going and always flood the floor if the door isn’t perfectly water tight.
    Architect: How about we put in two pedestal sinks to minimize both storage and counter space?
    Customer: Perfect!

  • @native

    I come to this site for the comments. :)

  • Gapa: And you are rarely disappointed, I bet.

    In all fairness, there is no image that shows the shower head pointed at the shower door. I agree that would be “normal” installation, given the location of the control valve, but perhaps the spray head is actually on one of the other two walls.

  • The OCD side of me would never be able to accept the shower controls being off center of that stripe of tile. Course maybe having that hit me every morning would be a good enough jolt to wake me up and get my brain going, even before coffee.

  • Michael: That was the first thing I noticed. It would drive me insane.
    This looks like someone took a typical old house shower (I’ve seen so many like that) and tried to throw some new and trendy tile as part of some “flip” project