New Community Garden Will Be Planted Behind Fourth Ward Surge Shack

O'Neil St. Community Garden, Sutton Square, Fourth Ward, Houston

The vacant lots shown here at the corner of Bailey and O’Neil streets will soon become a community garden for the Fourth Ward’s Sutton Square neighborhood. The properties, which measure 12,000 sq. ft. in total, sit behind the office building on West Gray purchased last year by an energy-startup accelerator program (at center and left in the photo above) and relabeled the Surge Shack.


An email sent to neighbors from the Sutton Square community association says that a new nonprofit entity will lease the vacant lots for $1 per year from their owners and manage the garden. Members will get their own plots for fruiting and vegetabling, and pay fees to cover expenses. The association is looking for volunteers to build garden beds and set up fences around the lots at 1408 and 1410 O’Neil St., and run the new organization.

The garden is less than a half-mile north of the Midtown Community Garden at the corner of Drew and Baldwin that was shut down a month ago after the property was sold.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Growing in Sutton Square

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  • The gardeners will be getting letters to vacate so new homes can be built before the first weeds start growing :)

  • Looks like the lots are owned by a local homeowner.

  • These Community Gardens are so silly–good grief go to HEB!–they tend to get over grown and all these nerds will start fighting over who stole the Rutabaga–just mow the lot, it will he townhomes in about a day anyway.

  • Wow, there’s a clear sense of insularity coming from people who don’t understand the social & economic benefits community gardens bring to a neighborhood.