New Fuddruckers Drive-Thru Now on Menu of I-10 Luby’s

A Fuddruckers Express has taken over a portion of the Luby’s Cafeteria on the I-10 East feeder between Federal Rd. and Maxey. The 1,500-sq.-ft. hamburger joint was carved out of the former Luby’s takeout area and drive-thru, but the 2 restaurants share a kitchen in the 12,200-sq.-ft. freestanding building. Luby’s bought out the Fuddruckers chain last year.

Photo: Luby’s

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  • Fuddrucker’s is serving drive-thru service burgers. Gourmet burgers. So, by definition, they have become fast food and are not gourmet. This makes me sad to be an American.

  • how does one get the pump cheese through the drive thru??

  • Drive-thru doesn’t have to be bad food, Beck’s Prime is an already established drive-thru with continually excellent if pricey offerings(altho I was pissd when they took the swordfish sandwich off the menu). While I do not put Fudd’s on the same tier as Beck’s Prime, they still make a tasty burger for the money. My only reservation would be not being able to assemble the veggies and pour on the cheese like you can when dining in.

  • Lovely now the senior citizens can eat even unhealthier food on the go, as if luby’s wasn’t bad enough to begin with. Hate cafeterias, and Fudd’s hasn’t been decent in 10 years…

  • Thanks so much for the love on this new endeavor for Luby’s and Fuddruckers! We have listened to our guests, as many have asked about getting Fuddruckers burgers to-go, so we are testing at this location in Houston.

    The World’s Greatest Burger and Luby’s Famous Fried Fish, what a combination!

  • My experience here wasn’t the worse but I did want to point out a few things. I didn’t catch the girls name but she was doing an AWESOME JOB! She was the only person working at the time meaning she was cooking, working the register, working the drive thru and cleaning. She had ABSOLUTELY NO HELP! When I walked in i could tell she was busy, she informed me that she would be right with me as she ran to the back for supplies. She was cooking up a few orders as well as tending to the person in the drive thru. I waited which was fine, but what bothered me the most was the Manager on duty walked in to refil the pico de gio NOT ONCE did he offer me assitance or asked if I had been helped NOR did he offer the girl help! She was obviously overwhelmed by everything she had to do waiting on customers, cooking and drive thru. But the manager had no consern for her or myself. I saw it as very disrespectful! I asked the girl why they didnt have her any help and she stated she didnt know but they had been working her like that for two days. I just see it as unfair to the employee. She deserved a little bit of help from the manager and he just seemed to good to even give a second of his time! Im not sure if this will make it to his higher ups but I hope so!

  • Not a good experience, salad was substandard. How do you ruin a salad you ask? Order the Caesar. Watched employees argue with a lady over fries….. disappointng

  • The manager there is by far the rudest person I have came across in a long time. Every time I visit this location he is rude. Today was my last time ever visiting that location. I don’t know if he has a small man complex problem or he just wakes up every morning hating his job and being an ass. But, I would recommend that you replace him or continue to lose business at this location.