New Hermann Park Train Does Not Kick Ass, Apparently

New Hermann Park Train

The Hermann Park kiddie trains are running again! But blogger Lou Minatti considers the replacement C.P. Huntington too “plasticy”:

A news photographer was there and we chatted for a bit. According to his sources, the old train was replaced due to three reasons: The old 50’s-era train had no dead man’s switch, it wasn’t wheelchair-accessible, and our collective asses are bigger than they were in the 1950s. Hence the need for the much wider train.

Photo: Lou Minatti

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  • I visit Hermann Park frequently to walk and ride my bike and get some fresh air. I learned to avoid the old trains because of huge black smoke piles trailing behind them. I hope the new trains aren’t so stinky!

  • Crankylot strikes again. I took my three year old and he assures me that it does indeed kick ass

  • The old train was like sitting in your car with the garage closed and the engine running. The exhaust was enough to make you lightheaded and nauseated.