New Holes Have Opened Up the Center of the Westheimer Center

A Swamplot reader reports that renovations to the shopping center on Westheimer across from Light Bulbs Unlimited “suddenly stopped about a month ago,” leaving a few gaping holes open in the face of the strip. Pictured at top is the space where Radio Shack once stuck out a few ft. from the rest of the building before it shut down along with the rest of the chain and sat vacant prior to the remodeling that began earlier this year.

Despite their presence on the marquee shown above, a number of the other tenants recently hit the road from the center as well: Tanacious Tanning, which occupied the spot (also wide open) just west of Radio Shack; Stars Cleaners, located off Commonwealth St. to the far west; and Consign It!, which punctuated the building’s eastern end. Their spaces are all up for lease right now, according to a LoopNet listing posted back in June. Nidda Thai Cuisine and its next-door neighbor Erotic Cabaret on the other hand appear to be sticking around.


Photos: Swamplox inbox

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  • I tried to buy this place. I’d do so just to make sure Nidda stays there. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that place :)

  • @ Cody: We love Nidda’s too! Chu Chee Eggplant. Thinking the building gets sorted out, but I have a bad feeling about that now. Hoping Nidda’s can find a new place nearby if it comes to that.

  • Cody, yeah, my first thought was “I hope Nidda Thai will still be there!” So, so good.

  • Looks like a good place for an open air flea market….