New Life for Greenspoint Multiplex, After Conversion

“The former six-screen AMC movie theater at 1100 Greens Parkway” just north of Beltway 8 at Ella, reports Nancy Sarnoff, “is becoming convention space that will house the International Faith Based Business Expo and the Vision Changers Performing Arts Christian Center.”

Photo: LoopNet

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  • As long as these conventions and plays occur during daylight hours, no visitors will be mugged, shot, or stabbed. Glad to see reuse in this part of town, but sheesh…the entire Greenspoint area is ROUGH when it comes to crime.

    Maybe with the higher power they will be regularly invoking a miracle will happen, but until then you won’t see me parking my car there unattended.

  • Actually, if you look at the crime stats for that zipcode, almost all the crimes take place in apartments or apartment parking lots. Of the 3543 crimes reported in that zip code between January 04 and July 09, 2557 were committed in apartments or apartment parking lots.

    I work in the area and I have never felt unsafe.

    That said, the Greenspoint “super-neighborhood has the third highest level of crime of all the superneighborhoods (with Alief and Sharpstown coming in at number 1 and 2 respectively). (Weird fact–of all the top 10 superneighborhoods for crime, only one is inside the Loop–this doesn’t say anything about crime rate, however, because the superneighborhoods have different populations.)