New Montrose Apartment Listing Service on a Leash

NEW MONTROSE APARTMENT LISTING SERVICE ON A LEASH 2501 Whitney St., Montrose, HoustonInterested in seeing what kind of only-a-sign-in-the-yard rentals are available in Montrose, but don’t have time to walk the neighborhood with your dog to find them all and scoop up the phone numbers? No problem! Montrose Corgi Lady is doing it for you, and posting all the yard-and-sign pics she comes across (“Rentals I find while I’m out walking my dog”) on her new Tumblr. [Walkabout Rentals, via Reddit] Photo of 2501 Whitney St.: Montrose Corgi Lady

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  • An interesting thing to do, though I I would hardly call it a ‘listing service’ (for one thing, there are no lists). Is any money changing hands? Surely there must be some law, somewhere, that forbids this sort of thing. If legal, it must be heavily regulated. Where is her permit?

  • Gisgo,
    You might be over-thinking this one….

  • We all have permission to share pictures of each other’s houses. No permit required.

  • @Gisgo, a permit to walk your dog and notice stuff?

  • There are no laws or regulation regarding two private individuals exchanging property other than getting it recorded with the county. You can do your own paperwork or get the title company to do it, especially if loans are involved.
    There technically is absolutely no purpose to Realtors, however it IS illegal to present yourself as a Realtor and collect commission if you’re not licensed. You CAN however collect commission if you’re a party to the sale, i.e. the seller, the buyer, or anyone that was on the old deed or will be on the new deed.
    Technicalities, technicalities.

  • Gisgo is being sarcastic *I think*

  • What she is doing is not illegal. But I would imagine that there are some apartment locators that aren’t happy with it.

  • @Gisgo, you’re kidding, right? Heaven forbid somebody take a picture of my home and post it online…

  • Gisgo: Please tell me your kidding about wondering where her permit is and are just playing the roll of witty troll.
    If just a in-jest post, well done. If not, yikes.

  • I bet Gisgo also told the teacher that they forgot to assign homework on friday afternoon.

  • pics by corgi-cam?

  • i love this idea! How smart of the corgi lady to think, act, do.