New Wash Ave MURAL Replaces Historical Wall Art as Shell Shack Primes Old Social Junkie Space for Seafood

The biggest eye-level change to the former Social Junkie restaurant building is the one shown over the Acura in the photo at top. And while it’s definitely less of a statement than its predecessor — a nod to the Texas Real Estate & Co. office across the parking lot — what exactly it means is more of a mystery. Renovators are still putting the finishing touches on the structure — blackwashed earlier this year — so the lettering could just be a sign of things to come.

Or maybe it’s there to stay, like the 2 Shell Shack signs and adjacent menu teasers that went up not long ago beneath the butterfly roof:


Those fixtures are more typical of the chain’s existing restaurants scattered around the DFW area.

Upon making its Houston debut, this location will be the fifth under the Shell Shack name, and the fourth food service provider at 2412 Washington in recent memory, following in the footsteps of Pig Stand No. 7, Sawyer Park, and Social Junkie most recently — which made its own mark on the opposite parking lot, to the east:

That theming has been removed as part of the changes.

Photos: Adam J. Williams (renovations); Texas Real Estate & Co. (old mural); Swamplox inbox (aerial); Braun Enterprises (Social Junkie)

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  • where do we wager on dates this place will be out of business by? It already has to ride out the better half of the year before crawfish season is in swing next March. I’d bet on the underside of 11 months.