The Pig’s New Gig: Sawyer Sportsbar

Former Pig Stand Coffee Shop on Washington Ave., Houston

Neighbors in the Sixth Ward have noticed some activity at the shuttered Pig Stand on Washington at Sawyer:

It appears that the former owners of the Pigstand property have retained ownership, but that they have leased the property out to the Sawyer Sportsbar, Inc.

Sawyer Sportsbar, Inc., is a new corporation, formed in April, by none other than Darren Van Delden, owner of The Drake.

I am not sure if Darren or the Dallas property owners are doing the build-out, but it is in its very early stages. (The Pigstand only had an outdoor bathroom, so I expect some relatively expansive upgrades, at least to the interior).

Photo of Washington Ave. Pig Stand (No. 7): Flickr user Fotollena

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  • Prime real estate in this area. Am surprised it took this long for something to pop up.

  • Yeah,

    The Westend area between Rice Military and Downtown needs to be moving on up.

    The location so close to downtown and I-10 make it very ripe for new development.

  • I live one block from there and am afraid of The Drake owner’s concept for a “Sportsbar” at this location. All we need is more drunk steoidians wearing their stripies looning around the area after 12pm. Mr. Van Delden’s “concepts” are not what the area needs.

  • Ah ha – this should be good. Maybe the sports bar will have a burlesque theme and $7 shots too. 30k milis at the least :)

  • oh joy. because we need more douche bags in the neighborhood.

  • What the Washington restaurant row can stand is a casual eatery with bar facilities. There are now plenty of spencive places like Catalan, Cova, Max’s, etc. and the coming Benjy’s, and that’s all fine and dandy. On the other hand, there is really not anything that serves average price fare with accompanying bar service. (Btw, I do not consider Molina’s reasonably priced or good, besides, it’s mexican food and while certainly better, but not real good, El Tiempo is way overpriced and I hate it when bars put grain alcohol in their margaritas). Chili’s has the right idea with their new location by Target at Sawyer Heights, but who wants another national chain restaurant? Some forward thinking restauranteur could grasp a niche in the hood here with a reasonably priced everyday fare eatery, with bar service. With all of the condoms in the hood soon to be completed, there will be all sorts of potential customers to pack the right eatery.