Non-Walmart Do-Nuts in Idylwood

Maybe attracted by the gravitational pull of the hulking 185,000-sq.-ft. Idylwood Walmart going up on the other side of S. Wayside Dr., Shipley Do-Nuts is moving into this strip center. This location is about 2 miles closer in than the one near HCC Southeast, also on the northbound Gulf Fwy. feeder.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • To be expected and the scene is common; domesticated zombies, misshapen and slowed by years of junk food, shuffle out of WalMart, their carts dutifully filled with cheap consumer goods, then load up their vehicles to drive across the street slowly moaning….must….have…..donut..

  • There already is a donut store up the street on wayside at polk. A dunkin donuts would have been a better option – the closest to-go coffee option is the GulfGate starbucks.

  • That place at Wayside & Polk used to be a Dunkin Donuts.

    But of course, this place may hurt the new donut shop on Lawndale by El Greco.

  • when i lived very close to idylwood, i’d hit up the shipley’s at u of h when i needed a late night donut fix. forgot about the one by HCC.

  • very welcome addition. there’s a severe lack of shipley donuts in the east end, it’s like a shipley donut desert.

  • HAHA Is that Steve Lee’s actual office?