Now Accepting Nominations: It Could Only Have Happened in Houston

There are 3 more categories to introduce today for the Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate, and we need your help filling the slates! So far, we’ve begun accepting nominations for Favorite Houston Design Cliché, Best Project Cancellation or Delay,  Best Teardown, Best Rebranding Effort, and Most Grandiose Development. We’re halfway done!

The first of today’s categories is the “Only in Houston” Award. You may have noticed a few differences between Houston and other places — especially when it comes to our city’s real estate landscape. This award is meant to celebrate an event, circumstance, development, or phenomenon of this past year that could only have manifested itself hereabouts. Or somewhere around hereabouts. Or maybe, okay, it happened somewhere else too, but it really seems like a Houston thing, anyway.

As usual, your spin can make the difference between a possibly dull and obvious entry and a compelling choice for the award. So think hard, reframe the ordinary to make it seem extraordinary (and consult the nominating guidelines if you need to), then submit your nominations!

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  • Nomination for “It could only have happened in Houston:”

    Multi-day heavy metal festival on the grounds of Astroworld. The only known use of that site since Astroworld’s demise.


    Huge ridiculously expensive highrises with maintenance costs artificially high to keep out the hoi polloi and prices per square foot with absolutely no connection to the surrounding neighborhoods.

    AKA the Titan, et cetera et cetera