Now and Forever Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

All that’s left of the Now and Forever Bridal Boutique — looking wistfully at Lakewood Church from across the Southwest Freeway — is this lonely sign by the shop’s old entrance. But don’t fret: Next door, in the same feeder-road strip center, Party City still rages! Now and Forever’s new location: the 3701 Kirby office building a block south of Richmond, not far from Hardcore Pilates.

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  • Now & Forever no longer there? Oh, the ironing!

  • ironing? Or did you mean irony? Ironing is funny, though.

  • Ah, that’s great! made me laugh – yeah wedding stuff would require ironing…
    These comments reminded me of England Dan’s Top 40 hit “I’d really like to see you tonight” (or whatever the title was.)
    My friends and I sang, “I’m not talkin about the linen” while the lyric was “I’m not talkin ’bout moving in.”

  • Yes, I meant “irony” but thought Swamplot readers would be smart enough to enjoy a play on words. Sad times.

  • Another nail in the incredibly stupid wedding industry. People, just get married, don’t make it something you pay more for than your education.

  • Isn’t that the truth!!

    Big fancy weddings don’t make them “stick” any better than going to the JP.

    In my younger days, many of my friends HAD to have the big deal. With the exception of one (out of a dozen or so), they are all divorced.

    I did not have parents who could afford the big show so we went to a JP. We’re still together.

  • Pyewacket same here.

    We started planning the wedding, saw the costs and what a pain-in-the-rear it all was and eloped.

    Only us and one other couple are still married seven years later and after a bunch of huge weddings.