Old-School Chicken Wings Trying Where Carlos Mencia’s Modern Mex Failed

OLD-SCHOOL CHICKEN WINGS TRYING WHERE CARLOS MENCIA’S MODERN MEX FAILED Pluckers Wing Bar will be moving into the vacant building at 1400 Shepherd in the West End, one of the 3 Maggie Rita’s locations that comedian Carlos Mencia and Santiago Moreno decided earlier this year to close. Some attributed Maggie Rita’s struggles to a stated misunderstanding of the tastes of some of its patrons; Moreno told Eater Houston that women care only about margaritas. Meanwhile, this will be the 16th Pluckers — a guy-friendly concept that sticks to sports, beer, and Dr Pepper-flavored chicken. Know thyself, eh? After all, reports Prime Property’s David Kaplan, “Pluckers was started by two University of Texas freshmen in a dorm room.” [Prime Property; Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Panoramio user Wolfgang Houston

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  • This will survive. This is a very popular place and people know it by name, and seek it out. I will definitely go there just because I went there often when I was in college. It’s good, messy food. It’s look buffalo-wild-wings but more college feel. I have never heard – or seen – a pluckers fail to be succesful. Looking forward to this!

  • Yep. I’m one of those people. I’ve been emailing them for years telling to open up a franchise here. This will be the best wing place in Houston once it opens. Watch out for the fire-in-the-hole sauce, the name does the sauce justice.

  • Wow, great news. I haven’t had Pluckers since college. This should do really well.

  • Stick to stealing jokes, Mencia, food is not your forte.

  • Plucker’s is Longhorn gold. I have already been seeing email from comrades, ready to go with bibs and pulling the “dd” card with wives.

    …And I would be one of those guys. I’m already man pumped — like Die Hard Part 5 pumped, only this won’t be painfully disappointing and awful.

  • Not from here, never heard of Pluckers before now.

  • Drove by today, the old Maggie Rita’s is still graffitti’d up, doesn’t look like any work has even started. According to the website they’re suppose to open before thanksgiving? Anyone hear any different ?

  • We are excited to finally be in H-town, and we are still on track for a late November Grand Opening! Just in time for bowl season and NFL Playoffs! Wings on Parade!