On the Bayou-Side Slopes in Idylwood, a Redone Forties Cottage Awaits $265K



Doubled windows dominate the front of an updated 1946 Idylwood home. Each pair indicates a front-to-back section of the floor plan within. The south-facing property sits on a sloping lot in the neighborhood’s southeast corner; the street, which begins at Wayside Dr. just north of Walmart, eventually bends past the grassy banks of Brays Bayou. Over the weekend, the home popped up on the market as a listing seeking $265K. The same agent handled the property’s previous sale in 2008, when the current owner paid $185K before sprucing it up.



The home’s first set of windows, by the front walk, give the study within a street view. Nearby, a side-winder front door opens into the main living area, which snags the middle windows and features an assortment of arches and archways:



The breakfast bar sits where the flooring shifts from original hardwood to newer kitchen tile:



Granite countertops, stainless steel appliances . . .


and a farmhouse sink are among newcomers to the kitchen:



A set of glass panel doors in the dining area opens to a deck. The tile flooring wraps around the corner and into an adjacent space. An archway to the living room splits the current buffet area . . .


from office use:


The home’s 2 bedrooms land off a hallway accessed from the other side of the living room. This bedroom features the home’s third double window set at the front of the home:



This one takes the home’s back corner. Measuring 12 ft. by 13 ft., it’s the same size as the front bedroom:


Here’s one of the 2 bathrooms:



Elevated, the wooden deck leads to a slightly sloping back yard:




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  • Already option pending on HAR.

  • I noticed that same realtor has another house listed in that neighborhood. For over half a million. Overpriced I’d say.

  • 1300 SQFT & $265,000 interesting…

  • @sallyforth – The Realtor and her husband live in the neighborhood and market many of the houses that sell there. She has a pretty good pulse on the local market. Where else inside the loop are you going to get 3300 sq/ft on a tree-lined street within a block from a park for much less than $500k?

  • Where did you get 3300 sq/ft????

  • Man, idylwood is a strange area no doubt. Beautiful houses. Really though the prices aren’t that crazy though, look right across 90 at Country Club Place and you’re already seeing far inferior houses going for 120-180 per sq foot. And almost every idylwood house shows amazingly well and is well maintained.
    All that said though, I went to an open house there and had the showing agent refer to the house as being in “the whitest block in the neighborhood” with this big smile, which frankly offended the hell out of me. Glad my agent wasn’t present, seeing as she is black.
    Now, you want value in that area? Check due NE of there, in the forest park neighborhood. Just as close to Gus Wortham, the cemetery (if that’s a plus) and the other park to the NE. Houses aren’t as nice, but prices are like 80$/sq ft there.
    The other area I find undervalued is all the stuff right north of Harrisburg. Give that 5 years and that will be a bumping little strip there along the rail-line. Already has a decent art gallery. It’s a little rough at the moment though. Needs time. Saw a 3k sq ft house there that showed pretty well a year or so ago go for like 200. Rare house for the neighborhood though.

  • @Texas Exe – The other house for sale mentioned by sallyforth (http://www.har.com/6646-Lindy-Ln-Houston-TX-77023/sale_67152740).

  • @ Texas Exe – The house that is >3000 sf ft is the other house mentioned; the one with the price of over $500K.

  • there’s actually tons of locations in the inner loop where you can get 3300sq/ft next to a park for well below 500. need to make the disclaimer about surrounding income ranges and quality of zoned schools though.
    i’m more and more for breaking up school zoning altogether. kids should be competing for a spot at our best schools, not just be zoned to them.

  • I’m shocked that people are as astounded at the prices of homes in Idylwood. Idylwood has always had a high cost to enter.
    Back 6 years ago I considered homes in Idylwood, but it was just outside of my budget. Looking at the prices in that neighborhood, it still is.

  • MrEction, sorry to hear about that realtor experience, I promise the neighborhood doesn’t have that mindset…