One Park Place Rejection Letter

ONE PARK PLACE REJECTION LETTER That letter Mayor White sent out in January touting One Park Place as “THE residence of choice downtown” was apparently meant as a consolation prize for the Finger Companies, which had sought public assistance for the project. White refused to support Finger’s request for a tax abatement — and offered the letter in its place, according to emails recently made public. “[Developer Marvy] Finger added that he appreciated the mayor’s willingness to write the letter, and that he hoped at the time it would help, although he does not believe it earned any additional lessees. ‘If someone rented because of that letter, I’m unaware of it,’ he said. The documents were obtained through an open records request that was originated by Texas Watchdog, a Houston-based nonprofit that promotes open government and investigative journalism.” [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Anyone have any insight to the occupancy rate for this project?
    How many renters signed up?

  • At $1,800 and up for 800 square feet I would imagine it will be 100% occupancy soon. Maybe in a year. Or two. Or ten.

    It looks like one of the pre-war behemoths overlooking Central Park which I suspect is what everyone thought Discovery Green would be. Our version of Central Park.

    I guess if you’re delusional enough to pay $1,800 for 800 square feet you’re delusional enough to convince yourself that you are overlooking Central Park.

    As for the mayor, if the Chronicle keeps chronicling the back room deals of Bill White, he won’t be able to get elected dog catcher. But maybe he can get appointed the official pooper scooper at Discovery Green which would be fitting since most of the poop that needs to be scooped is his own.

  • To compare this building to the pre-war behemoths overlooking central park is insulting to the behemoths. I demand an apology.

  • Well it does sort of look like something on Central Park West. Until you step inside. But, well, you know. It’s Houston. Most of our delusional types with money have probably never been inside the Dakota. Or ever will be. As for an apology, why? Imitation, after all, is the sincerest form of flattery. Even cheap imitation.

  • I don’t know why all of you want to bash OPP. Personally, I really like the look. Yes, Discovery Green is no Central Park… but it is still really, really cool.