Oolala, Heights Candy Bar Calling It Quits on Studewood Storefronts

Heights Candy Bar, 833 Studewood, Heights, Houston, 77007

Note: This story has been updated.

Take one last lick Heights Candy Bar is closing, as are internally connected gift-clothing-and-knick-knack shops Oolala and Tulips & Tutus. Sweets dealer Tania Gumney announced this morning that the 3 shops at 833 Studewood will melt away shortly; Gumney’s mother-in-law, Judy Pfardresher, runs Oolala, but has decided to retire after 13 years of operation.

Pfardresher has subleased parts of the 833 space to various other businesses throughout her tenancy; Gumney joined the glucose trade and set up shop in 2014.


Those desperate for a last sugary bender to mark the end of the holiday season can fuel up at the candy store’s inventory liquidation sale, going on today through Friday.

Photo: Heights Candy Bar

Sugar Crash in the Heights

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  • Oh No! I love that little complex, but I guess it’s doomed to be replaced.

  • My only preservationist instinct is for zero-setback street facing retail, since, at least here in Houston, it can’t be replaced with the same. So I hope that even though these businesses are closing, the building remains.

  • Tanita is the best! We wish her well in whatever she chooses to do next and the Heights will be a little less bright without her store. I hope whoever moves in to the space(s) will consider clothes for the family or something that is not BAR related.

  • sorry to see it go, but hope something charming will go in its’ place. Enjoy your retirement!

  • Back when it was a drugstore I remember buying sodas from George Bailey when he worked there. His boss Mr. Gower bout ripped his damn ear off one time when he almost poisoned a kid. Old man Potter came in with his cheap housing building all these stucco Mcmansions. Things haven’t been the same since.