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  • This is what happens when you hire Liberace as your interior decorator.

  • Wow! So the design of this home is not my taste, but I can see tremendous opportunity, at this asking price, in this location. It would be interesting to try to figure out the most cost effective way of updating and neutralizing the aesthetics, assuming there isn’t deferred maintenance or flooding issues as well. It could be a real show stopper.

  • Is that the “salon sink?”

    Admittedly, the pic selected is the worst of the entire house. The rest is dated, but opulent and better put together than this bathroom.

    No mention of flooding, and it looks okay from the pics – assuming they are recent. Sure is close to the bayou, though…

  • I kinda love that bathroom. It’s got a bohemian vibe to it.

  • This property is over 750 m. away from Buffalo Bayou. Not close.

  • Dang. It is like a time capsule from the 1980s (not that there’s anything wrong with it). One can imagine a crowd watching the “Dallas” soap opera cliffhanger of “Who Shot J.R.?” in that living room and bar area.

  • i bet this was super in style in circa 1987. they probably had a huge renovation done around then.

  • The style isn’t to my taste, but it sure does have character, unlike most high-end new homes that are just greige-washed carbon copies of one another. And it does seem like an incredible price – less than lot value for a 7,300 sq ft house that looks to be well-maintained.

  • The appraisal went up to $3.7MM this year. That’s a hefty tax bill on top of that price. What are the odds you could get the appraisal down to what you paid for it? HCAD always uses purchase price to adjust up…I’m sure it’d work the same way down, right….?

  • The “salon sink” is from Kohler’s “Pillow Talk” line, which was super popular in the 1980s.
    All that bathroom needs to complete the ensemble is perhaps some glass block.

  • @Brooke Smith Too, I’ve successfully used purchase price to get HAR to adjust down, but only for the year that I purchased the house. That was 25 years ago, though, so YMMV.

  • The salon sink being referred to, I believe, is in the first picture of the master closet with the hair salon chair in front of it, not the guest bathroom sink shown with this article.

    And.. yes, HCAD will lower your taxable value to the purchase price of the home as it is best reflective of the accurate market value. I have succesfully done this twice, most recently for 2017.