Places To Flaunt Your Glock Now That HB 910 Is In Effect

Kroger, 3300 Montrose Blvd, Montrose, Houston, 77006

Where you can: Aldi, Kroger, Spec’s (at least some of them), Brook’s Place (where it gets you a discount), Corkscrew BBQ, El Tiempo, Taste of Texas.

Where you can’t: Costco, Fiesta, HEB, Phonicia, Randall’s, Sprouts, Target, Trader Joe’s, the Galleria, Whataburger, and a slew of restaurants across town that have told Kyle Nielsen and friends that they plan to ban openly carried handguns at their establishments. Nielsen created a publicly accessible Google doc listing the yes, no, and maybe-so responses of various Houston grocery stores and restaurants to the question “Will you post a 30.07 sign banning open carry of handguns in your store, starting January 1?”


Texas House Bill 901 910 went into effect on Friday as the calendar turned over; until then, Texas was one of only a few states that did not allow open carry, including South Carolina, Florida, and California.

Photo of Disco Kroger: Lou C. via Yelp


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  • I can be forgiven for thinking that this blog has gotten a bit off topic.

  • These comments should be level headed with thoughtful insight.

  • I don’t get the big deal being made about open carry. 44 other states allow it, and it doesn’t seem to cause a problem there. Are we worried that Texans are lacking the maturity or self control of Delawarians?

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Open Carry is counterproductive. I’ve carried concealed for nearly a decade and had to present my gun twice without discharging and prevented myself from being robbed. Open carry does not do anyone any favors as to personal security, it’s much better when THEY don’t know what you have and where you have it. Also in the big picture it only excites the anti-gun nuts and makes a mountain out of a molehill.

  • Mr Clean – Can I come visit your world? It sounds like a great place!

  • I found it interesting that Carters Country and Athena Gun Club are prohibiting open carry…

  • Just a reminder, saying you ban it and actually banning it with the proper legal signage are two different things. Just this week I noticed my HEB didn’t have it on every entrance.

  • @ Commonsense is spot on.

    Most if not everyone who has a CHL has it for protection. Why would you give up the element of surprise if you have a gun for protection?

    There is no reason to open carry other than when hunting… NONE…

  • Honestly the only reason I can think of to open carry is to show off a fancy new gun you just got, like an accessory! Nothing like a shiny custom Ed Brown 1911 to go along with your Patek Philippe and Lucchese’s. How soon before Nieman’s starts selling Gucci holsters?

  • @membag: Yes. We are worried that Texans are lacking the maturity and self control of Delawarians. Very worried. Also, other states have all sorts of different variations on open carry laws. In some, it is only permitted in rural areas. In others, licenses are rarely granted to the general public and are in practice not open carry states.

  • Check what banks ? I bank at chase and they said they will allow it. And that sounds ridiculous

  • @memebag
    Other states have problems with open carry. This just happened in Michigan where a dad brought a gun to school…

  • I don’t carry (open or otherwise) but I do find it a bit of a head-scratcher that Mr. Nielsen’s spreadsheet has the following color-coding: Allowed to open-carry = Red, Open-Carry banned = Green. I mean, shouldn’t it be the other way ’round? Normally Green = go, okay, allowed, carry-on*, etc. Red = stop, no, banned, not here, etc.

    In the confusing color-coding of Mr. Nielsen’s spreadsheet Green = I like this place because I don’t agree with the new law, Red = I don’t agree with their policy to allow a totally legal activity to take place on this property.

    * Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Too bad, Kroger. I’ve been shopping at various versions of Kroger stores since I was a kid. No more.

  • Kroger is apparently backing 30.06 and 30.07 and are refusing to post the signage in english and spanish with one inch lettering. That is very disappointing.

  • Just note that whenever you are in an establishment that has the 30.06 and 30.07 signs posted in english and spanish with one inch lettering, it is your right to report any person carrying a gun to the manager. The manager must then ask the person to leave the premises and that person must comply. If they don’t, then the police can be called to enforce the exemption provision in the statute. In addition, if anyone is acting suspicious and is seen to be carrying either openly or concealed, they should be reported to the police who may have probable cause (PC) to detain said individual.

  • @Old School: the Internet says Louisiana, just next door, allows open carry without a license. I might buy Texans being less mature that Delawarians, but I’ve been to Louisiana. You’ll never convince me Louisianians are more mature than Texans.

    @Brian: That article just says people got upset when they saw a gun in a school. He didn’t shoot anyone.

    Does anyone know if the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will allow open carry? Because I have a great idea for some Yosemite Sam cosplay.

  • Aldi and Trader Joe’s are owned by the same parent company. It’s interesting that Aldi allows open carry and Trader Joe’s doesn’t.
    I guess it speaks to their respective clientele more than anything else.

  • Actually ZAW, they have different owners. One is owned by Aldi Nord ( TJ’s) another is owned by Aldi Sud ( Aldi). Two different, independent German companies which were started by the same family, but split in 1966.

  • I’m now convinced that raising this topic is clickbait, pure and simple.

  • Good for Kroger for not helping spread the ridiculous hysterics.

  • Heads up: the bill is actually HB 910.

  • Thanks, Jeff! It’s fixed.

  • RobertinHeights, the color coding is red for places I don’t intend to go. Hope this helps.

  • Sorry about your penis.