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  • The rare throne room/prayer room combo.

  • Tacky!

  • …making sure you have good, natural lighting while you masturbate in the tub.

  • “I love god way more than resale”

  • Holy Sh** Batman!


    Best cure for constipation.

  • This didn’t have a chance. If it were an Islamic crescent, there’d be some reaction about how diverse Houston has become, how we’re not like all those cracker mid-American towns. But putting this photo up on the internet, it’s like putting pennies on a railroad track.

  • What’s really baffling is that seemingly normal and rational people on any other day of the week, get together on a Sunday and repeat utter absurdities over and over again. Then they give the conman telling them such absurdities their hard earned money so he can buy a new tax exempt jet.

  • I actually was surprised that some of the design elements in this house were kind of interesting and moderately tasteful, cross shaped window in the commode excluded.

  • Not really surprised to learn that commonsense is an atheist