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  • “functioned as a European embassy” ?

  • Obviously NOT an embassy …. more likely a ‘consulate’ so that it would be property tax free

  • Flight simulator in the garage? Walk in gun safe next to the fridge in the kitchen? Violin on display in bronze case in the living room? Room after room of stomach turning gaudy furniture and design, but one little tv room with a neat set of Stickley furniture?

  • Movocelot & WR, yes, both not an embassy and not European … according to MCAD, previously owned by the Nauru Sovereign Wealth Fund. Nauru being literally the other side of the globe from Europe.

  • Nauru? OMG, this is almost nearly the size of the entire island (not really of course, but a good chunk)

  • There’s no saving this home from it’s furnishing, nor the furnishings from this house.

  • Most of those oil paintings appear to be from the Starving Artists sale at the Ramada Inn #classy

  • That is one funky garage/basement. The walk-in gun safe in the kitchen is actually in a kitchen off the garage. What looks like a garage door at the end of a car-sized ramp leads to the man cave. Along the ramp there’s a shower with only a curtain separating the bather from what is essentially a driveway.