Possible Omens of Magic Island’s Prophesied Reawakening, As Spied from a 59 Feeder Road

Magic Island sign removal, 2215 Southwest Fwy., Houston, 77098

As of lunchtime, more than half of the MAGIC & COMEDY SHOW lettering has been removed from the sloped wall of vacant freeway-side magic club and faux Egyptian temple Magic Island. A reader spotted the scene — “just the cherry picker and the demolished letters on the ground” — during a feeder road drive-by around noon.

Talk of rebooting and reopening the former magic club (which became increasingly family-oriented until its Ike-and-fire-fueled shutdown in 2008) has been going on periodically since 2012; some permits for sign renewal and restaurant repairs were issued back in 2013, and a representative of owner and neurologist Mohammed Athari told Leah Binkovitz in early 2015 that some contracts for work on the building had finally been signed, even though things were moving slower than originally planned.


Magic Island sign removal, 2215 Southwest Fwy., Houston, 77098

The update plans tossed around in 2012 included a redo of the pharaoh-headed facade, as well the addition of a ballroom. The structure sits between the Green Bank midrise and the now-empty lot formerly holding the Smile Dental Group building; Athari owns that property as well, along with the neighboring United Neurology building, next to Chair King (now sitting in Glick Textiles‘s former spot).

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Beneath the Pharaoh’s Gaze

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  • There is something terrifying about the UNITED NEUROLOGY building.

  • The citys been cracking down on expired sign permits leading up to the superbowl. I could be wrong but they probably just got tagged by the city who told them to either remove the sign or reapply for a permit to keep it.

  • What’s crazy is he’s sitting there for 8 years now, just eating property tax? At about $50k/year (guess, he’s at $400k paid just to let that thing sit.
    That would drive me insane. Do something with it or sell it. Yikes.

  • I have a soft spot for Magic Island and wish is would re-open. Went 3 times and enjoyed ’em all. My kids will always remember the sinking bar-stool

  • I would like to buy the property who do I contact?

  • Its something REAL terrifying scary and ancient going on in there the fire don’t make sense man look at the scene the had a floor with water how tf It catches… That’s GOD telling y’all ass stop playn with himm.. Tryna conjure u ancient ppl to get power and knowledge… I’m investigating.. Yall pray for me

  • How in the WORLD can the property taxes be only $50K per year? I have a lot. One little residential lot just south of there and I’m at almost $20K per year.

  • HCAD undervalues the property at about $2.5 million. His taxes last year were just under $66K, and he’s not delinquent.