‘Rebirth’ Mural Redo Now Reaching Final Stretch on Block-Long Stretch of Canal St.

Aerosol artist Enrique Figueroa Jr. — also known as Gonzo247 — is about 3 months into his work on a new version of the Rebirth of Our Nationality mural that once faced Canal St. between Norwood and Linwood streets in the East End. Leo Tanguma’s original 1973 work faded over time and was whitewashed last summer. He’s now providing Figueroa with some remote assistance on the redo.


Photos: John Atkinson

A Fresh Coat

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  • Interesting that, now that this mural appears complete one of the characters is shown holding a sign (not in these pics but I drove by today) that says, “Plan De Aztlan”, which can be interpreted as a racist plan. And it’s also easy to understand that this was originally painted during the Chicano movement and so can be seen in a historical context, despite the politically divided times we live in, while at the same time, we are changing street and school names because Confederates who have been dead for over 100 years are seen as insensitive.