Refusing To Leave Side of Shuttered Grocery Store It Once Called Home, Aldine 1st Convenience Bank Still Camping Out in Portable Building in Kroger Parking Lot

The Kroger at 5235 Aldine Mail Rd. closed down late last year, but 1st Convenience Bank remained open inside the 47,622-sq.-ft. store for about 2 weeks. The branch then relocated to the portable building that’s now sitting in the grocery parking lot, just west of A Autoworks’ adjacent repair shop.

Weitzman Management is marketing the 4.3-acre property for sale. Aside from the buildings and parking lot, the land includes an eastern appendage that stretches across the boundaries of a separate set of parcels before butting up directly against 59:


Included in that southeastern zone: the auto shop, jacuzzi lid store Fletcher’s Covering, and a corner Exxon station.

Images: Swamplox inbox (bank); LoopNet (Kroger and site plan)

Mobile Banking

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  • Yep, nothing say “stable” like a bank in a mobile trailer. I wonder if someone will hook up to it at night and tow it away …. much easier and more convenient than ripping an ATM out of a wall

  • Banks are required to provide notice prior to a branch closing to customers and the FDIC. I use to work for a bank and had to setup the infrastructure for a bank branch in a trailer when the land lord decided to tear down a strip mall that the branch was in. I believe that the notice had to be 90 days. I suspect that this bank probably has plans to either close the branch or relocate to an alternate location.

  • I spot a trend! Pop up banking!