Repairing the Broken Spoke: A New Bar in the Burned-Out Washington Ave Cafe

A tipster tells Swamplot that the former Broken Spoke Cafe at 1809 Washington will soon be home to a new bar called the Caddy Shack. The cafe, located between Silver and Sabine in the Old Sixth Ward, closed last fall — and, unfortunately, soon after received the brunt of a fire that destroyed a vacant duplex next door.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • Um, that building looks like a piece of crap.

  • what a beautiful remodeling job. Looks like
    they hired that designer from Home Depot.
    and while I’m at it, I’m tired of these
    young bucs “and we did all the build-out
    and design ourselves” . . . just gaze at the
    rooftop AC units at Haymaker/Underbelly.

  • Still puzzling over the name. No golf course nearby; a place to store your large American luxury car? Ironic homage to a beloved Rodney Dangerfield film?