Rice Village Dat Dog Receives TABC Blessing

RICE VILLAGE DAT DOG RECEIVES TABC BLESSING Across the street from Torchy’s and next door to Hopdoddy Burger Bar, the vacant corner storefront at 5504 Morningside now has clearance to serve guests alcohol. It’s the most recent development for the space since a TABC notice appeared in the window, signalling that New Orleans hot dog chain Dat Dog was on its way there. Inside, the lights are on but there’s still nothing inside. Co-working space Platform Houston was the last to occupy its 2,919 sq. ft. Photo: Swamplox inbox

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  • I’ve watched that spot sit vacant for years. I love a hot dog as much as the next guy, but I was hoping for something classier. On another note: What’s the deal with Rice Village lately? SOOOOO many vacancies, its like a ghost town. Why doesn’t it support higher end retail more inline with Highland Village? Its surrounded by plenty of $$$$. I’m surprised to see it skew towards the college crowd (hot dogs, hamburgers, etc..) as it redevelops. I guess that’s what happens with Rice University endowment owns it.

  • Any idea if they plan to turn that parking lot into a patio? It’d be great to see the continuation of outdoor dining extend along Morningside. Nothing quite like it in Houston

  • Nice Neighbor, if you haven’t been by Highland Village lately, you might be surprised at the number of vacancies there too. Several stores there have decamped to the River Oaks district. I wonder if the landlords want too much $ to renew leases?

  • Re: Highland Village. James Avery moved out yesterday to a new location across fromThe Galleria. L’Occitane left for River Oaks District. Joseph Shoes relocated to New Orleans. West Elm closed to focus on City Center. Mecox leaves for Rice Village in December. The premium rent(no one was offered a reduction) and soaring property taxes (in the way of CAM fees) do not produce the sales needed to justify the high rents. Coupled with a disagreeable owner and a dearth of communication from management, it just isn’t worth it anymore.

  • Glad to see Dat Dog, a fan favorite with 3 successful locations in New Orleans, opening here. Agree with Bill, hope there is more outdoor dining here. Still curious that Rice Village hasn’t found a long term tenant for the Morningside restaurant space between D’Amicos and Hopdoddy.

  • re: the Village. Many of us that live around the village have kids, so fancy restaurants are out. Hot dogs and hamburgers are king. That said, I too am surprised that there isn’t more high end retail.

  • I had forgotten about some of Highland Village vacancies as of late. Very valid observation. That said, I don’t venture over to the River Oaks shopping district. I guess I’m put off by stores that have more sales people than merchandise. I would bet that Rice Village probably has more money within (easy and accessible) walking distance of any other district in all of Houston. I want it to do well and am starting to worry about its management.

  • Remember the outcry when Rice Village put in parking meters last year? Maybe these have driven down business.

  • There are many factors in all of the vacancies. Internet commerce is the biggest. Retailers are getting hammered. Also property taxes are a factor. Taxes get passed onto tenants. They can only afford so much in occupancy costs. Anyone complaining about the lack of tenants should be mindful of shopping with local merchants and supporting politicians that do not spend us into oblivion.

  • Morningside is a fiasco in RV. The new parking plan isn’t better; you have the same morons still on the street, only now they back up/down, trying to grab that key spot by the filthy Torchy’s dumpster-alley. Now, we’ll have hot dogs with burgers! Very impressive. I live 5 blocks s. of RV and have been forced to stop using Morningside. Don’t forget the food truck right across M’side from burgerland, tacoland and hotdogland, either. How lucky can you get?

    For 30 plus years, the backside of RV was a small collection of Pubs. It was far better then. No idea what wizard thought a “Chuck-E-Cheese” format back there would be an improvement. It’s gridlock, and it’s stupid.