Rouge Wipes Away Easy as the Biba’s Regulars Move In

Just scrub away all that glitzy makeup and the former location of shuttered Rouge restaurant — at 812 Westheimer just a block east of Montrose — works fine as the new home of Biba’s One’s a Meal, says Alison Cook:

. . . the Biba’s folks got busy, banished the wine-dark swank, whitewashed the place and covered Rouge’s tables with blue-and-white checked plastic. Add a flotilla of Aegean photo murals, put on the sound track from Zorba (I am not making this up) and you’re good to go Greek. Or American, as the Biba’s menu and sign helpfully remind us, referring to the breakfast and burger fare that has seen many a local wastrel through the dark hours before the dawn, when a souvlaki or moussaka just don’t seem quite right.

Eighty-six the Beef Wellington with Mushroom pâté, bring on the chili cheeseburger with fries: The fates of restaurants make great economy-size metaphors, no?

I particularly enjoyed the way the formerly snazzy bar area is now filled with dinette furniture, as if the dining room redo–with its pretty wooden chairs and gleaming wine wall–just ran out of gas. What made it even better: a long table running the length of the room was filled with men of a certain age having a long, late lunch that looked right out of the old country.

Photos: Alison Cook

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  • Getting rid of the non-money making pompous restaurant and replace with a down to earth friendly atmosphere of Biba’s and you have a big win.

    The location is great for an all night restaurant. And since Katz’s isn’t as appealing as it once used to be, this will be a great replacement.

  • I for one, welcome my new Greek restaurant neighbors. I see many late night pancakes in my future!

  • I see me leaving the bar with friends craving feta cheese and realizing Niko Niko’s is closed at the hour and running over to Biba’s. See ya there.

  • does anyone know what’s going to happen with the location on West Gray? i called the new one, and they said the Gray location is now closed. . . .