Route 44 Cherry Limeade from Mason Rd. Sonic Draws Out FBI Fugitive

ROUTE 44 CHERRY LIMEADE FROM MASON RD. SONIC DRAWS OUT FBI FUGITIVE Why did an accused child rapist from Oklahoma come out of his hiding place of 5 days along the Brazos River in Stephen F. Austin State Park? “Because he was tired and thirsty and wanted a Route 44 cherry limeade from Sonic,” Charles Dyer apparently told authorities after he was captured near Pecan Grove carrying the drink in a cooler. As a shirtless pedestrian in a Richmond drive-in, Dyer may have aroused suspicion at the Sonic at 9835 S. Mason Rd. But it took someone spotting the former Marine blocks away to call the authorities. Over the last couple of years, Dyer has posted a series of YouTube videos (as July4Patriot) documenting his views about and problems with the government, as well as the various criminal charges filed against him. A member of the Oath Keeper militia movement, he has claimed that the rape charge was concocted as part of a government conspiracy. [KHOU 11 News; Instant News Katy] Photo: NEDSCO

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  • If I’d been slumming it up on the banks of the Brazos for a week, and through a wild storm last night, I could go for a cherry limeade, too. He had everyone in Orchard waiting on their front porches, shotgun in hand. Likewise, when spotted near Weston Lakes, residents waited in their foyers, bichon frises in hand.

  • Oath Keepers is an organization of police, military and other sworn officials who are dedicated to keeping their oaths to the constitution. They are not militia. And I’ve found nothing on the net about a group
    called Oath Seekers. Regardless of what this person might or might not have done, there does seem to be a level of demonization here.

  • I would rush to judgment if I hadn’t had experienced a cherry limeade relief episode myself, a few years back (minus the militia, pedophilia, and Brazos River elements, of course).

  • Dana-X,

    Actually, if you read the article, it indicates that Oath Keepers and Oath Seekers are two different groups:

    “Despite the similar names, Oath Seekers should not be confused with the nonprofit Oath Keepers organization, a group of military and law enforcement personnel with the stated objective adhering to Constitutional boundaries.”

    No idea how they know the man in question is a member of one and not the other.

  • LT, the KHOU link (the first link in the post) says, “Dyer reportedly belongs to a group called Oath Keepers.” and
    Swamplot apparently copied that one.

    And nothing except “authorities” report he belongs to Oath Seekers. But they have no website? And they empty a state park on this “manhunt” for a guy whose ex says he raped his daughter? I don’t know but the whole deal sounds like a convenient opportunity to terrorize the people and propagandize/smear anyone opposed to
    government corruption as dangerous extremists.

  • I would suggest that the theory that somehow our entire government would so be afraid of one lone nutjob that that they would collude to trump up charges and mount a federal and state level manhunt for him is more of a convenient opportunity. A convenient opportunity to espouse whatever crackpot conspiracy theory is flavor of the month at the moment. The man is accused of raping a child and of possessing an illegal weapon of mass destruction. If he was a muslim the same people who are now defending his constitutional rights would already have convicted him.

  • Jimbo, you’re the only one I see here mentioning trumped up charges and collusion. I say it’s wiser to possibly err on the side of suspicion of propaganda and deception being a part of what we’re told by “authorities” than to insult those who do. There are plenty of examples to warrant such suspicion. And we should’ve been taught as children how and why we need to do just that.