Royce, Centex, and Roadkill: Touring New Construction in Katy

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Pay no attention to that dying possum by the side of the road! Lou Minatti takes a bike ride through a neighborhood of new Royce and Centex homes in Katy and finds lots of building going on — and plenty of “sold” signs!!! But . . . is anybody actually living here? And uh, some of those signs look awfully familiar — from a ride through this same area back in May.

After the jump: some of the same scenes, 4 months ago!


[youtube:–llANa–s 400 330]

Good to see those Royce Homes have been well barricaded.

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  • It’s a marketing tool. Nothing scandalous. It makes the neighborhood seem in high demand from prospective new home buyers.

    It’s kind of like an informercial or a shopping channel saying call now because they are selling fast.

  • Thanks for the linky!

    “It’s a marketing tool. Nothing scandalous.”

    I disagree. Are these houses, in fact, sold? I don’t think they are, but since I don’t work for the company I cannot say for sure. Assuming they aren’t sold (due to the fact that no one is living in this sea of empty houses I think I am right in my opinion), I think the builder is making a false claim. In other words, lying.