South Beach Is Taking a Break in Avondale

SOUTH BEACH IS TAKING A BREAK IN AVONDALE A bulletin posted on South Beach Houston’s Facebook page announces that the nightclub on the corner of Pacific and Grant streets is closed immediately and indefinitely for “remodeling.” The venue opened in 2001 at 810 Pacific St. in place of owner Charles Armstrong’s previous bar in that location, Heaven. Last December, Armstrong sold the former Montrose Mining Company across the street from South Beach to developer Fred Sharifi. South Beach’s Facebook message now directs would-be club-goers to JR’s Bar & Grill next door — also owned by Armstrong. [South Beach Houston] Photo of South Beach: Lou C.

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  • Apps are killing the bar business.

  • Wow thought this one would survive, guess real estate price is better than profits in the long run.

  • Not surprised. The good old days are gone. A mid-rise will go up, residents will complain of noise, lack of parking, loitering and such then eventually JRs will be sold and converted into turn into some sort of trendy coworking space or become a brewpub.

  • The reason gay bars are closing is because gay people feel safe going to MOST bars now. I see gay guys and gals at nearly every bar inside the loop. This is a good thing, since is progress. Gay people got generally what they wanted: to be accepted and be safe. So no need for specialty bars for gay folk. Not saying all is perfectly well for gay men and women, but these reasons are why gay bars are closing, not because of “apps” as someone noted above. Tinder didn’t kill any bars any more than Grindr has… why? because gay people like to drink just like everyone, they just now go to WAY BETTER bars than cheesy places like JRs and Southbeach.