Pricetag Takes Modest Dip on a Curved Corner 2-Story in Southgate

Stand next to the fridge on the first floor of this 2201 Southgate house from architect Dillon Kyle and you’ll see the whole thing: the kitchen with adjacent wine closet and the living and dining rooms to their right, fronting a row of glass windows that look straight out onto the pool at the eastern edge of the property. The price rounded down today from $1.75 million to $1.7 flat on the 3,376-sq.-ft. shed- and butterfly-roofed structure, viewed above from the north on the corner of Southgate and Montclair Dr.

A view from behind the couch’s elbow shows where you enter the place:


An 8-seat dining room table lays out behind the glass fireplace:

Back in the living room, a view from the fireplace shows where the bathroom, the study, and the first-floor bedroom hang out down the hall from the kitchen:

The door beyond the sliding washroom entrance leads out to the pool.

Only one downstairs room sports wood floors, a barebones office space located near the bathroom toward the back of the ground floor:

On the second floor, a hallway fronted by long windows runs between the master and secondary bedrooms. The master is at the back of the house:

Those windows to the right of the cabinetry look across a terrace toward the house’s neighbor on the east side of Montclair.

Here’s the master bath showing off its crimson tilework. A walk-in closet is carved out to the right of the tub:

The third bedroom sits opposite the master at the other end of the catwalk, from which you catch a glimpse of the pool and the house’s Montclair-facing side yard:

The pool swims right up to the wall that covers up the building’s glass windows from Montclair. Patio seating is located toward the back of the property. That spiral staircase drops down from the terrace outside the master bedroom:

The hot tub floats adjacent to the main pool and an outdoor shower with auxiliary foot wash:

The Entertainer

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  • First things first…. How to get on top of that wall and canon ball into the pool.

  • Oh gawd so very no. The designer has one week to figure out why red is a bad color for the heads. Yes, that week . Otherwise, looks like.. a running shoe? Douglas Adams, please call your pet shark.

  • Oh come on, I love that red tile! This seems like a really neat space, though I guess it’s hard to tell from the photos whether it would be disorienting to have the walls and railings bending away from you… that upstairs walkway looks like it would give me vertigo.

  • Where are the 3376 sq ft?

  • I love the gravel next to the hot tub. That wouldn’t be messy at all!

  • GlenW: Um, under the roof?