Sculptures and Vultures: East Hunters Creek Village Bike Tour

Shasta Dr. Near Buffalo Bayou

Biz-school student, blogger, and former comic-book publisher Robert W. Boyd takes web visitors on a bicyclist’s-eye-view tour through the rolling meadows of east Hunters Creek Village, reporting on real-estate values and encounters with wildlife — and peppering his travelogue with advice to neighborhood homeowners on naked sunbathing and monumental sculpture.

. . . the instant you leave Hunter’s Creek going east, there are apartments. I suspect Hunter’s Creek is zoned to exclude them, but they are bunched right along the boundary of the Village (despite the fact that the area along Memorial between Hunter’s Creek and the Loop is some of the richest real estate in the city–I guess it still makes sense to have apartments there).

Photo of home on Shasta Dr. near Buffalo Bayou: Robert W. Boyd