Selling That Midcentury Modern to the Big-Hair Crowd

SELLING THAT MIDCENTURY MODERN TO THE BIG-HAIR CROWD A reader notes an agent’s efforts to sell the sleek 1956 mod at 434 Faust Ln. in Memorial Bend — the 2,233-sq.-ft. property was listed at the end of last week for $549,000 — on those little conveniences. Reads the listing caption to the image at left: “Large custom travertine shower niches are big enough to accommodate shampoo bottles purchased from Costco.” [HAR, via Swamplot inbox]

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  • Not sure what’s left with this house that’s “mid-century modern”. No ubiquitous Eames lounge chair here. It looks like it’s been thoroughly brought into the 1990’s with Home Depot and Costco updates.

  • Yes, it’s been butchered. My guess is that it used to look like 438 Faust before someone built out the garage. Take a look at 438 (and 430) Faust using Google Streetview if you want to be sad.

    Still… if the bones are good, it could probably be restored to 438 condition without too much trouble, and you’d have adjoining neighbors with good taste.

    Alas, is more likely to end up like 422…

  • I grew up in the house from 1962 to 1973. The carport was enclosed. There used to be brick planters that line the walk to the hidden front door with open slats to allow rain in the planters. This house house been remodeled so much you can’t see the character.

    Several MCM’s about to be raised due to Harvey.