Selling Your Home: How To Give Buyers a Good First Impressionism

2078 Augusta Dr 6/49 Living Room

Home buyers want a masterpiece! So why should your home listing suffer from bad, poorly lit, unimaginative photographs? Why, with a little bit of camera-phone artistry, you can make your home look like a Van Gogh!

Here’s a great example. Yes, this beautiful, Galleria-area impressionist interior can be yours, for a mere $165,000:

2 Bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Townhome with living room, kitchen and half-bath downstairs and bedrooms up. Master bedroom has cathedral ceiling and there is a large round skylight in the staircase. Light and bright throughout. Great location . . .

No, we didn’t alter the photo above (okay, we did enlarge it). But we do recognize artistic genius. Great photos like this hide carpet stains, too!

How can you make your home look like it’s worth a lot of Monet? Learn from the masters! After the jump, more of ERA broker Al Rafat’s unadulterated images of this notable home.


Notice the artist’s photographer’s masterful use of light in this patio image:

2078 Augusta 6/49 Patio

Earth tones give this Living Room view a sense of deep mystery:

2078 Augusta Dr. 6/49 Living Room

And the sun-dappled exterior:

2078 Augusta Dr. 6/49 Exterior

Late update: Sadly, many of the images in the listing now appear to have been redone—using a more photo-realistic technique.