Signs of the Biskit Junkie Transition at Greywashed Former Mango’s on Taft St.

Biskit Junkie at former Mango's spot, Taft at Westheimer Rd., Avondale, Houston, 77006

Up top is a fresh snap of the former home of veggie-friendly-cafe-turned-music-club Mango’s, where Biskit Junkie’s new not-quite-I.P.A.-standard signage is in place over the now-grey entryway. The all-biscuit restaurant, from the starch-centric folks who started Jus’ Mac, closed its Oak Forest location at 2925 W. TC Jester in mid-December to focus on what was then revealed to be a move to the corner of Westheimer Rd. and Taft St., rather than the opening of a second location as previously announced.

The building’s current flat grey exterior hides all traces of Mango’s full technicolor exit at the end of 2014, shown below:






Photos: Swamplot inbox (top), Ayn Morgan (all others)



Spelling It Out

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  • aw, my house and company HQ are both a short walking distance.

  • I was a frequent visitor to the TC Jester location. A week or two before they closed it I was chatting with the counter guy and a manager about the progress at the new location and voiced my hopes that they continue the Oak Forest shop. They assured me they were going to keep both locations running.

    So screw ’em. I hate that they ran a pump and dump on my part of town. I hope they lose it all at the new location.

  • Re Mango murals: the multi-chromatic dude in profile on the west wall of the back patio was still there recently. The not-just-boys-fun girl was torn to pieces.

  • i miss that seedy lil punk rock club with the horrendous bathrooms

  • @Personman – I couldn’t agree more. Pretty messed up of them to use the good folks of oak forest to ‘test’ their concept, only to take it away once it proved successful. They should know better, but then again it’s the just mac owners… and if you’ve seen their private residence, you’ll realize they are not the best decision makers (imagine a ‘beetlejuice-esque’ house or a house that a restoration hardware catalog barfed on in the middle of 1950s ranch style homes). Plus what works in oak forest, where the young families are very loyal to local establishments, most likely will not work in, my sh*t don’t stink, Montrose. Have no fear though, we have tacos a go-go on the way.

  • I love mac and cheese, and I love biscuits. Once I found out Biskit Junkie is run by the Jus’ Mac people I lost all interest. It’s hard to screw up mac and cheese, but Jus’ Mac does it.