Spotting the Golden Swan: One Night Only, in Montrose

Shhhhhhhh! It’s still parking! Roving Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia happens upon this swan-label vehicle, hanging out late Tuesday a few streets off Westheimer: “My only guess is that since we are so close to Mango’s there may be a performer in town. Or, I guess it could be someone at KPFT. The plates are from Cali. Anyway it’s a really nice truck with a great design on it. The small windows on either side of the cab have curtains hanging on the inside.”


Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • It is in violation of city ordinance (Chapter 26, Article II, Sec. 26-95) to leave a commercial vehicle parked between the hours of 2am and 6am on a public street. I hope they didn’t get towed.

  • Is that a commercial vehicle? Looks possibly converted to recreational or residential to me.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but this morning I spotted the swan delivering ‘art’ to the ‘gallery’ in River Oaks Shopping Center where One’s a Meal was, once upon a time (air quotes added to confer ‘irony’)

  • Still, it could be a private vehicle. We have a car hauler that looks very much like this one and at times, it has been used to help family members move.

  • does it even matter? HPD’s standard policy seems to be ticket/tow if at all possible and let the owner solve in court.

  • joel said
    does it even matter? HPD’s standard policy seems to be ticket/tow if at all possible and let the owner solve in court.
    That would be a change. When we lived in Midtown, here were commercial vehicles parked without moving for a week at a time. I had to beg HPD to do something, as they blocked the view at intersections. HPD’s normal response was “there’s not a box for that on the ticket form”. I finally wrote letters to the Captain in charge, and some tickets were written. Not once was a truck towed, even after 10 days in one spot.

  • HPD writing a parking ticket? We and our neighbors call them to ticket/tow the illegally parked cars around Ecclesia and it takes them so long to get there they only stick a ticket about half the time.

    Pretty lame considering there is a storefront a few blocks away on Westheimer.

  • In our east end “non historic district” neighborhood, police response time is very good. Additionally, illegally parked vehicles get prompt attention. I’ve seen cars get towed in less than a day’s time.

  • For commercial vehicles, contact the Truck Enforcement division of HPD.

  • You better believe cars get ticketed/towed and promptly in Montrose.

  • You know, if that Walmart were built, they could park it there… They have an RV parking allowance. Just saying…