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  • His and Hers or Kosher, in either case, Martha Stewart approved.

  • Octomom?

  • ya know, of all the extravagant BS so-called amenities they throw in these faux-chateaus, being able to line up the washer and dryers and do all your loads at once is probably one of the more practial & is also probably how the maid is accustomed to doing her own laundry at the laundry-mat. It will leave her more time to dust the nooks and crannies of all that overwrought furniture, polish all that travertine (unless they have invented a riding buffer) and fluff the 487 animal print throw pillows.

  • That’s what I thought, northside girl. Or the Duggars.

  • HAH!! That utility room or whatever they call it is bigger than my whole house.

  • Since when did “Stink Eye” porticos come into favor? I like the house but I’d be a little peeved every evening when I came home and started thinking, “Whaddaya lookin’ at, chump?”

  • Woah.. I guess a single super load wont do it for these guys!

  • I am now nominating “stink eye porticos” for whatever category of swampie it might possibly fit. That’s hilarious.