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  • It looks like they were going for the “24-Hr XXX Video Preview” room look… complete with EXIT sign over the faux leather curtains covering the door.

  • I see the same thing happening in different parts of the woods…. Vampires. EVERYWHERE! Those damn things just think they can wreck shop on any dwelling they please. Luckily for these fortunate home dwellers they won’t be a problem cuz they got crosses all over. So they good not lettin’ none them in.

  • Please tell me that the entrance to this room has a bead curtain and a sign reading “Adults-Only”.

  • oh dear god, put me out of my misery!

  • I counted 2 minor flat arches with 1×4 flat stock trim on them. That is not “millwork.” Also, crown molding and stock moulding nailed on top of sheetrock also does not count.

    There is nothing even remotely special about any of it. It is a typical suburban tract home. Also, it’s got a Spring address, but the last photo is a brochure about The Woodlands. Why is this stuff allowed by HAR?