St. Nicholas School’s Charter Campus Erased for New Houses on Mullins Dr.

Demolition of St. Nicholas School, 10420 Mullins Dr., Willowbend, Houston, 77096

An early morning post-deconstruction photo of the Mullins Dr. campus of the Medical Center Charter School (originally the St. Nicholas School, when the campus was private), just north of the Centerpoint transmission easement paralleling Willowbend Blvd. half a block to the south, was snapped by a reader yesterday. A representative of the school tells Swamplot that the 4-ish-acre property has been sold, and that townhomes are apparently in the works for the land.

Demolition permits were issued in two parts this week — here’s a shot of more cleanup going on this morning:


Demolition of St. Nicholas School, 10420 Mullins Dr., Willowbend, Houston, 77096

The property was bought 1988 from St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church; the then-private St. Nicholas school kept the original church building and added on to it. A second campus of the St. Nicholas School was established in the early 1990s at 1920 N. Braeswood Dr., and the Mullins campus converted to a charter school, which was shut down at the end of last year. The second campus is still open as a private school.

Photos: Swamplot inbox

Clearing the Board in Willowbend

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  • It appears that, in December, the second campus at 1920 N Braeswood was purchased by the same entity developing the mixed use 7200 Main plot. St Nicholas is moving off of South Main next to the Menninger Clinic.

  • A little research on the owner of the permits shows David Weekley homes will be going there.

  • On behalf of HISD tax payers, thanks Mr. Weekley. Charter schools are un-american, and I am constantly baffled that people don’t question and reject this trend more often.

  • I thought this was the Medical Center Charter School. If so, then the lot is north of Willowbend. Townhouses seem like a weird choice for that lot, given the housing stock in the surrounding subdivisions. Then again, about a block away, someone is building two large, two-story homes with limestone exteriors that look nothing like the homes in the surrounding neighborhood. That’s Houston for you.

  • What an absolute gorgeous property to redevelop. It is out of the floodplain, close to parks and great schools. Plus I bet they will deliver homes at a competitive price. The Westbury area is hawt!

  • I don’t think they are typical inner loop townhomes, per se, but two story zero-lot line homes (what we used to call patio homes back in the day). Parker Elementary is about a block away, which is a top-rated music magnet.

  • @JD – Patio homes would make more sense. Regardless, I’m happy to see new development here. I live close by and am glad someone is doing something useful with that vacant building and land and so soon after the school closed (as opposed to waiting for years while they sit and decay). Now if someone could work on the grocery store situation for the Meyerland/Westbury area….

  • Actually it was Medical Center Charter school. I taught there 2003-2004

  • Thanks, Lynn and Courtney! I’ve clarified the name situation in the article.