Stonefaced AT&T Building on Weslayan Gets a Haircut

The multi-level steel antenna-support tower that’s long stood on top of the window-deficient AT&T building at 3303 Weslayan St. just north of Greenway Plaza was removed by crane over the last week, a reader reports. At least, that’s what appears to be the case from the ground: The Beck Group construction firm received permits for a partial demolition of the building’s cell tower in June. Also permitted by the city that same month: a Beck Group office remodel of the structure, which is referred to in the permit as the AT&T Weslayan Toll Building.

Here’s a view of the now-dismantled tower from a couple of years ago, as it loomed poolside at the neighboring 3333 Weslayan apartments:


Beginning last week, crane operators spent several days lifting steel beams and sections off the roof, swinging around, and placing them on the ground, the reader reports.

Photos: Two Guys and Their Phones (poolside); Swamplot inbox (all others)

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  • I could come up with some very creative uses for that antennae at ground level. I always wondered if that thing
    was obsolete, since you don’t see too many giant telecommunication devices anymore these days – they seem to have gotten much smaller since the 1980’s. Also, I sometimes wonder about its sister antennae on the other ATT building downtown.

  • Can I take off my tinfoil hat now?

  • My dad worked for Southwestern Bell (now AT&T) for over 30 years. He always said “find the ugliest building in a city, and I guarantee that it’s a Southwestern Bell building.” He was correct.