Straight Outta Pasadena, Texas: Your Favorite Brands of Bottled Water

Nestlé Waters of North America, distributors of the Ozarka, Arrowhead, Calistoga, Ice Mountain, Poland Spring, Zephyrhills, Nestlé Pure Life and — yes — Deer Park brands of drinking water, has chosen to set up its next bottling operation at the corner of Bay Area Blvd. and Red Bluff Rd. But the nation’s largest bottled-water company isn’t simply seeking a Pasadena address for the convenience and caché that undoubtedly comes with the location — close to the port and just a few miles south of the city’s famed refineries and sewage-treatment plant. Nestle has also worked out an agreement with the city to use water from Pasadena’s Southeast Water Purification Plant, which is located just northeast of Ellington Field. By next year, the company plans to have 3 separate manufacturing lines in operation, each staffed by 50 employees, bottling water in a new 312,000-sq.-ft. space it’s leasing in Pasadena’s Republic Distribution Center.

Photo of Republic Distribution Center I, 10525 Red Bluff Rd.: A&B Properties

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  • Hey! That’s convenient in a post-hurricane situation!

  • I love my britta pitcher a little more everyday…

  • I have heard rumors about water being tainted (cancer causing problems) down there about 20 years ago…..I wouldn’t drink the water down there now they are going to bottle it????

  • I remember in college, the tap water in Isla Vista was terrible. Brita all the way!

  • Having just watched “Tapped” over the weekend, this cannot be good. Check it out — it is the bottled water industry version of “Food Inc.”

  • Cashadena up in this!

  • The Southeast Water Purification Plant is a multi-jurisdictional joint venture that is managed by the City of Houston. To characterize it as Pasadena’s is a bit misleading although they are a participating entity.

  • @Eric: Thanks for clarifying the plant’s management structure. From the information we’ve found, it still appears fair to call the plant “Pasadena’s” in this context because Pasadena gets most of its water from the plant and the agreement was approved by Pasadena’s City Council.

  • This is outrageous and disgusting. Nestle is crazy for using Pasadena AKA Stinkadena Texas’ public water supply. Rates of heart disease and lung cancer are amplified 600-800% just living in pasadena texas. Gross city sorry to say Ive lived there. The people arent much better either. In the end its all about a few Rich men getting richer of the poor. So sad , forashame Nestle Ozarka and company