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STRIP MALL LIFE Late last month undercover detectives arrested 3 women working at the Touch of Class Spa in the strip center at 8201 Broadway in Pearland on prostitution charges; 2 male customers found on site during the sting operation were questioned and released. Last week, a fourth woman, suspected of running the operation, was also arrested. After an intensive investigation that included poring over the massage parlor’s in-house video surveillance system, police officials concluded that the spa workers were not being held against their will: “However, surveillance video revealed the women actually lived and worked at the spa 24 hours-a-day, using their massage tables as make-shift beds.” [Pearland Journal; Pearland Today] Photo: Pearland Journal

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  • Just because there was no evidence of them being held against their will on video doesn’t mean that they weren’t sex slaves.

    If they had been paid properly for their services they probably could have afforded an apartment.

  • Classy ladies.

  • I think Urban Retreat can learn a thing or two from the dedicated ladies at Touch of Class Spa. Here’s hoping this story has a happy ending.

  • What I want to know is, why don’t the cops bust up these massage/prostitution joints more often? You can’t tell me that all of those “Open 24 Hours” Thai massage parlors on and around the area between Richmond and West Alabama near Shepherd are legitimate massage establishments…

  • Thank you Alley for talking about the fact our neighborhood is nothing more than a brothel.

    I’ve complained to the police for years about the “massage” parlors in this area.

  • Until authorities actually begin arresting the customers who frequent these places for “massages” one will just open up to take the place of another.

  • An enterprising neighbor could start letting air out of the johns’ car tires so they can’t get away readily after their “massage” appointments.

  • I think cops look the other way on massage joints that are simply massage+happy ending vs. those places that are blatantly sex shops.