Sub-Bourbon Revolver Gunning for Outlaw Dave’s Washington Ave Spot

SUB-BOURBON REVOLVER GUNNING FOR OUTLAW DAVE’S WASHINGTON AVE SPOT Patio of Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters, 6502 Washington Ave., Woodcrest, HoustonThe owners of fellow just-shut-down Willowbrook Mall bar Revolver are now in possession of the remains of Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters, Houstonia’s Katharine Shilcutt notes. And a reader tells Swamplot the new owners are already busy making changes for an in-town Revolver revival: “Someone is doing outside renovations (tore down wood fence and pouring slab for patio) right now, and a truck with an exterior logo that reads ‘Revolver sub-BOURBON social’ has been parked outside for a week.” Revolver, which may or may not upgrade from sub-Bourbon to the hard urban stuff, is now aiming for a summer opening. Outlaw Dave’s went dark at 6502 Washington Ave just south of I-10 earlier this month, leaving a lit-up “Adios Bitches” signoff on its marquee. [Houstonia] Photo of Outlaw Dave’s patio: Outlaw Dave’s Worldwide Headquarters

One Comment

  • Odd theme, especially for an in-town bar. The name is a turn-off, too – it evokes a biker bar which is really bad given the recent news. It’s also a mouthful to say.

    Can’t imagine they’ll get a local customer base wanting to re-create the suburban experience. Outlaw Dave’s was a weird theme, too, and obviously not appealing to the type of person that frequents Washington Street for the same reason listed above. Too bad, it looks like the location has good potential as a patio bar.