Surveying the Former Clear Lake City Golf Club Now That the Hazards Have Taken Over the Course

An official aerial video shows off the golf-course-to-retention transformation that’s taken place across a few holes of the former Clear Lake City course north of where Diana Ln. and Ramada Dr. converge. The first all-inclusive shot comes at about 30 seconds. In it, paved and unpaved trails wrap the new pond, which is surrounding by just a few saplings — although plans note it will eventually be an “abundant natural habitat” filled with native vegetation. Some of those incoming species may reside on the so-called “habitat island” that shows up clearly at the 40 second mark.

A parking lot neighbors the southwestern waterfront, adjacent to a pair of new sports fields:


The Clear Lake City Water Authority bought the 178-acre former golf course in 2011. It plans to park similar “engineered detention ponds” with adjacent trails on all remaining playing surfaces, creating a horseshoe of greenery south of Space Center Blvd.:

Video: Joe Bibby. Photo: Darren Riggle. Site plans: Exploration Green

Exploration Green

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  • More and more golf courses are disappearing …. it begs one to wonder; “Are golf courses soon to be an endangered species as younger people find other, more modern and cheaper forms of entertainment?” Golf communities seem to be a slowly dying breed ….

  • I don’t live remotely near to there so have no sense of how the local residents feel, but this seems like a great, very practical, amenity to me.

  • The Clear Lake community loves it, especially after seeing how it handled Hurricane Harvey flooding and now that major elements of its first phase are complete. Check it out on a Saturday or Sunday in you’ll lots of local residents walking, running and riding.

    Next Saturday, April 28 is the Explore Your Green grand opening celebration from 10 am to 2 pm at 16205 Diana Lane, 77062. All kinds of free, fun activities, booths, e-cars and food trucks! Check it out Exploration Green on Facebook and website below.

    Like many in Clear Lake, I never played golf at the course, but we’re there often now for running and dog walking.

  • *like!*

  • @Doug,

    I thought homes along Diana flooded during Harvey? The rest of Oakbrook has not flooded and our old house was built in 64’. Great project and community involvement tho.

  • Doug, how long did the first phase of construction take?

  • Looks like a great reuse of that old course. Much mischief was had there back in the 1980s.