SUV Smashes Open Jugs and Jenni’s on Shepherd Dr.

Jugs Draft, 3109 S. Shepherd Dr., Dearborn Place, Houston, 77098

A reportedly sober driver crashed into the strip center at the southeast corner of S. Shepherd Dr. and W. Alabama St. in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to KPRC. The unplanned beer run left the Jugs Draft storefront shattered open, and gave the Shepherd branch of Jenni’s Noodle House a new side entrance. Strip center neighbors Burn Smoke Shop, Mega DJ, and Mattress 1 are seemingly undamaged; all involved humans are reportedly undamaged as well.

Rare beers, however, were a major casualty of the event: The SUV crunched into Jugs’s bottle coolers, prompting the craft beer shop to liquidate what was salvaged of its chilled inventory in a $2 firesale yesterday. (Jugs is named for its 64-oz. growlers-to-go of draft beer, but also sells bottles and kegs.)


A post to the store’s Facebook page indicates that the shop plans to reopen; less-damaged Jenni’s anticipates closing its newly acquired door and reopening the old ones as soon as Saturday. The accident took place across the street from the former home of Ruchi’s Taqueria, Roeder’s Pub, Fly High Little Bunny, et al. — now replaced by a CVS and a parking lot.

Photo: Jugs Draft


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  • Some rare beers got hurt? Oh, the humanity!

  • That’s a shame. That is a really nice store and you could tell those dudes were taking a bit of a risk with it, and they always seemed like they loved the work. I hope they land on their feet. Also that wall in Jenny’s had just recently had a mural put on it, I remember having a nice conversation with the artist.

  • If only the driver had taken bus or light rail.

  • Every unprotected storefront and convenience store needs to invest in Jersey Barriers. You know, those big cement blocks that are currently lining 290 at the moment. Sure they are ugly but they would prevent (if not make it very difficult) for crash and grab of ATMs. It would also protect storefronts from senior moments (oops i floored it but thought I was going in reverse) and late night drivers losing control be it from falling asleep or under the influence of something.

  • I saw this on KPRC and the headline reported this in “Southwest Houston.”

  • Get permanent storefront BOLLARDS… Made of steel wrapped in concrete. That’ll stop the wayward drivers of Houston. And really smash up their car-NOT the ground floor retail business !!!!

  • Why stop there, just line the front of your store with Czech Hedgehogs

  • thank god the mattress store is OK!